Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, usually at 16–23 years of age. Frequently there is not enough room for normal eruption and these teeth therefore become ‘impacted’.



Impacted wisdom teeth can cause:

  • infection of adjacent gum tissue
  • dental decay of adjacent teeth
  • (in rare cases) cysts.

Wisdom teeth do not always require extraction. At Lysaght Dental we prefer to treat any problems conservatively rather that resorting to unnecessary extractions.


If your wisdom teeth flare up it is a good idea to try the following:

  • Use an anti septic mouth wash eg Corsodyl or Kin
  • Take pain relief. Anti inflammatory tablets such as ibuprofen work best however you may not be able to take these - this depends on any health issues you may have. Always read the instructions and check with your Doctor or pharmacist
  • Make an appointment for an assessment with your dentist who can clean the area, prescribe an antibiotic which may be required if there is an infection present and can discuss treatment options to prevent any further issues with your wisdom teeth.