Restorative Options

At Lysaght Dental we can offer you a variety of filling materials, however the best choice of filling material can sometimes depend on the position of the tooth and the size of the cavity.



Amalgam fillings




This is a silver coloured filling material made up of silver, tin, copper and mercury. This material has a history of success of over 150 years and is excellent in back teeth as it withstands the chewing forces well. There is no bonding with this type of filling – the shape of the cavity prepared holds the material in place. There are some current controversies with the use of amalgam due to its mercury content, however the Irish Dental Association policy still advocates the use of amalgam, with research showing the use of dental amalgams produces no harmful effects.



Composite fillings 



This is a tooth coloured filling material excellent for aesthetic areas such as the front teeth. These come in a variety of shades which are matched to the existing tooth colour. This filling material is bonded to the natural tooth structure.





Glass Ionomer

This material is tooth coloured but not as aesthetic as composite resins. They bond to the tooth structure and release fluoride, helping to strengthen the tooth. They are an excellent material for low stress areas such as fillings in baby teeth as well as fillings in the outside surface of teeth.