Endodontic treatment is more commonly referred to as root canal treatment.

This is required when the pulp (nerve) within the tooth has become diseased or infected. The treatment involves the removal of the dead tissue, shaping, filing and disinfecting the inside of the root canal system, filling the space and placing a protective filling or crown to return the tooth to a pain free and functional state.

The pulp can become diseased or infected as a result of deep decay, trauma, leakage around an existing filling or a crack in the tooth allowing bacteria to access the pulp chamber.

If you become aware of a tooth that has the following signs or symptoms :

  • prolonged hot or cold sensitivity
  • pain waking you at night
  • sore to bite on
  • throbbing or dull pain requiring painkillers
  • Discoloured area
  • Localised swelling

then you may require root canal treatment. We will always aim to see you on the same day if you call with a tooth ache.




Root canal treatment has a reputation for being very painful. In actual fact there is normally as little pain involved with root canal treatment as there is when placing a simple filling. Generally you just feel a little discomfort as the anaesthetic is being administered and then the rest of the appointment is pain free.