Tax Relief on Dental Treatment

Tax Relief on Dental Treatment

Tax relief is available in respect of non-routine dental treatment. Routine dental treatment is not allowable i.e. the extraction, scaling and filling of teeth and the provision and repairing of artificial teeth or dentures. These are excluded from relief even if there is an underlying medical condition that gives rise to the dental treatment or if the treatment in a particular case is considered to be of a non-routine nature.


Dental Treatment for which Tax Relief is Allowable:



A restoration that is fabricated in the dental laboratory and sits over the entire tooth to alter its shape, angulation, contour and/or colour.


These are porcelain teeth which are placed over teeth.

Post & Core:               

This is done when preparing a tooth to have a crown placed on top of it.


These are manufactured in a dental laboratory and can be used instead of a large filling

Root Canal Treatment: 

Treatment to save a tooth that has issues with the root of the tooth which is usually followed by a crown

Periodontal Treatment:

When a patient has issues of gum disease and other oral ailments


Traditional metal braces or clear braces

Surgical Extraction

Extraction of wisdom teeth only


When a patient has a bridge of manufactured teeth between their natural teeth to fill a space.


 tax relief

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